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Embed Local's community organizing programs will attract local families, day-trippers and tourism to Hackettstown, Andover, Newton, Denville & Sparta. To begin, Embed Local is placing kids picture books (based on four themes and a hundred occupations) into locally connected businesses. Our year round programs compare similar products from different manufacturers. Consumers discover their personal favorites by seeing, smelling, tasting and trying many possibilities of a similar item.

One of our programs to provide new revenue streams to businesses supplies hard to find items from small manufacturers. Embed Local stocks local shelves with outstanding products that local consumers have favorited. We trade businesses a new customer for a bit of shelf space. This bit of shelf space doesn't even have to be visible. Consumers can always ask for their embedded products that can be shelved behind the counter.

Testing similar products from a wide range of categories creates transparent data and reviews that highlights the best products. Consumer's book, soap, food & new product reviews are posted transparently on our site. When locals chat about these products on social media it can attract even more new customers to participating businesses. Consumers social media and conversations at our socializing attractions become multi layered marketing for products we have embedded locally. Our site pinpoints the locations of all products embedded.

We begin by placing layers of free products into local businesses. Award winning and noted picture books helps push literacy. This literacy program to make reading fun is spread between Morris, Sussex and Warren counties. Our placed books help families better understand different professions & the local businesses around them. Families will enjoy our award winning and noted picture books broken down by theme, morals & virtues. The themes are: Hackettstown - Dream, Newton - Courage, Denville - Will and Sparta - Heart. In Andover we will highlight rare children's books.

Consumers learn about aromatherapy using sponsored hand washing kits. The hand washing kits sample 75 different scents from over 80 different USA soap companies. Three same scented soap bits from different soap companies are compared in each sponsored hand washing package. Upon request consumers favorite scents and brands becomes accessible by embedding it onto local shelves.

Distribution of our hand washing kits are sponsored by members of our business lead program. Profits from leads sold and all other supplied products and services are split in half or thirds with participating businesses. Half when they sign up that customer or a third when the customer is already signed up from a different participating company. That mean any local business that signs up a customer will make a third even when their customer is shopping our placed products next door.

Beyond picture books & soaps, Embed Local creates new product showcases and supplies closeout products. By the end of the year participating businesses will compare foods using taste testing events. Embed Local attracts tourism, day-trippers and locals to persuade businesses to work with our buying group and any of our drop shipping partner manufacturers. Businesses sign up customers to profit from thousands of drop ship manufacturers and other products placed in all participating stores. Our 2% rebate program brings online customers into physical stores. Participating stores hang our posters highlighting local happenings and storytelling. On weekends we promote the programs at NYC street fairs, selling closeouts and getting city folks to visit and move to the hills of NJ.

Businesses are needed to supply shelf space for products local customers have favorited and need local access to. There is no cost to join the buying group, there is no cost for membership for consumers. Profits split only for product we provide, not your regular merchandise or services. Join the next level of modern local retailing, call Norman at 917 822-1870, or email me at to set up an in-store appointment at your convenience. I will bring over complimentary books for the kids to read, closeouts to use as door-busters, and explain ways to make new revenue. Join our community, let us send you fresh families year round.

Norman Scherer

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