Community Programs Helps Rentention and Encourages New Businesses to Move Here.



Core Competencies

* The Comparing, Testing & Selling Of Similar Products Helps Customers Find Products That Excel.

* Business Prospects Can Modify Our Strategies, To Gradually Expand Their Options To Work With Us.

* Our Comparisons, Testings & Showcases Uses Innovative Services To Build New Community Revenue Streams.

* Researched Search, Our Proprietary Software Uses Data To Give Businesses A Better Than Google Search Power.

* Our Method Of Comparing, Testing & Selling Similar Products Helps Customers Find Products That Excel.

By breaking down products into themes, scents & ingredient components, we constantly create fixed sets of similar product to test.

These sets of similar products from different manufacturers are first compared by businesses & then by their consumers.

This comparison of alternatives using the analytical thinking of different perspectives uncovers our key products & data.

The data helps create paths to effective planning & solutions while the embedded key products help attract customers into businesses.

Embed Local's comparisons and testings determine customers favorites which are locally embedded and made available for delvery or pick up.

The data generated on Embed Local's Researched Search will open access to locally proven outstanding products in 2018.

* Business Prospects Can Modify Our Strategies, To Gradually Expand Their Options To Work With Us.

Businesses can modify their level of participation, we stay flexible enough to deal with all business perspectives.

Developing & realigning our community strategies helps us adapt & get good results which rises participation levels.

Gathering & probing multiple sourced perspectives finds problems & provides diagnostic information to clarify our strategies.

We continually tweak our programs using the perspectives of consumers, businesses, wholesalers, press, investors & our sponsors.

Turning & changing themes on a dime using perspectives, themes & trends will keep us ahead of any potential competitors & achieve our goals.

Embed Local's initiative to go so far beyond of whats normally required or expected is one our long term strategies.

* Our Comparisons, Testings & Showcases Uses Innovative Ways To Build New Community Revenue Streams.

Businesses can create new revenue streams by participating in our community comparisons, testings, showcases & services.

Businesses start a working relationship by joining any of our picture book, sock, soap, scarf & Hawaiian pathways.

Businesses help organize & generate accurate transparent data & content while prompting in new customers.

Businesses use drop ship circulars, to sell products from 4,000 manufacturers without stocking inventory.

Businesses compare, test & select products to use in their businesses at our product presentations.

Closeouts are supplied as loss leaders to attract consumers holding our direct mailed coupons.

Businesses can join our co-op direct mail & use their business to help promote our sponsors.

Businesses open up shelf space for favorited products from mostly unknown manufacturers.

Businesses shelve customers favorite products that we discover, provide, label & rack.

Businesses that don't embed can hold customers products for pick up or delivery.

Our plan is to achieve these entrepreneurial core competencies together.

We all can change our futures by creating year long tracks to tourism.

Community programs helps rentention & will attract new businesses.

Help aid our efforts by supporting our conceptual programs.

* Businesses Can Sell Products Using Our Proprietary Software, With Better Than Google Search Powers.


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