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Our Circulars Hold The Keys To All Community Happenings and Current Embeded Products



The Full Circle
Doorbuster Coupons
Profit Without Warehousing
Co-op Promotion
Local Support
How Embed Local Profits

The Full Circle

Circulars Highlight The Products Being Compared, Tested, Rated & Showcased Around The Area

Doorbuster Coupons

Our Circulars Contain Coupons For Closeout Scarves, Kimonos, Themed Socks, Hawaiian Apparel & Other Doorbuster Products Featured At Various Local Businesses.

Profit Without Warehousing

Local Businesses Use Our Circulars To Sell Products From 4,000 Drop Ship Companies.

Participating Businesses Charge Customers In Store After They Fill Out Our Order Forms.

All Products Are Tracked Until They Are Promptly Delivered.

Co-op Promotion

Manufacturers Co-op The Circulars Printing Costs To Advertise Their Brands Product Lines And New Products.

Local Support

A Checklist Of Needed Services Is Included To Help Support This Community Building Program.

Participating Businesses Profit From Referring Competent Contractors & Service Suppliers.

How Embed Local Profits

I Don't Make Money From The Buying Group, Closeouts Or Supplied Books, Even The Data Is Mostly Transparent.

The Handwashing Giveaways And Upcoming Food Tastings Will Be Sustained by Local Service Supplier Promotions.

The Circulars Printing Are Sustained From

Co-ops Of Participating Manufacturers.

My profits primarily are derived from using these circulars to sell drop shipped products & leads to local contractors.

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