Funding Businesses with Community Programs Helps Rentention & Will Encourage New Businesses to Move Here.


Membership Levels

No Membership Fees! No Entry Fees! Free Training, Free Sales Materials!

Buying Group

Embed Local's Buying Group - Co-op Members: Use Our Loss Leaders & Circular Coupons To Attract Customers.

Embed Local's Buying Group - Brick & Mortar Retailers, Restaurants & Other Businesses that Cross Sell Added On Products for Pick Up or Delivery.

Embed Local's Buying Group - Embedders: Businesses That Embed Products On Their Shelves.

Embed Local's Buying Group - Promoters: Businesses Hosting Scented Soap Samplers, Picture Books, Themed Socks & Drop Shipped Products.

Embed Local splits & shares profits with members from sales from drop shipped, home delivered or in-store pick ups.

Event based advertising from manufacturers also will add funds to members accounts starting in 2018.

Embed Local's Curtailed Compensation:

Splits Profits From Supplied New Products, closeouts & Drop Shipped Goods

Taps Revenue Sharing From Scented Soap Samplers, Socks & Other Products

Unleashes Revenue Sharing On All Cross Selling / Embedding of Supplied Products

May Be Included In Circular Advertisements Paid By Participating Manufacturers

Increases The Manufacturers You Work With By Thousands, Without Warehousing, Stocking, Shipping Or Returns

Hands You Content, Organized To Make Finding Relevant Data & Information Easy

Brings New Products Into Your Store That Were Highlighted At Recent Trade Conventions

Puts Loss Leaders Together With Circular Coupons To Reward Direct Mail Participants

Gains At Least One New Customer For Every Product Embedded On The Shelves Of Their Store

Attracts New Families On Our Picture Books Rails, Right Into Your Business

Adds New Customers By Cross Selling Products For Delivery Or Pick Up

Induces Added On Customer Home Deliveries Of Your Own Products

Improves Sales With Various Testing Samples

Expands Tipping to All Employees, And Delivery Help

Alleviates The Costs Of Creating In Store Sales Events

Softens Researching The Best Products For Your Customers

Transforms Your Store Constantly To Look Different And Current

Erases Intensified Marketing & Press Costs

Revives The Building Up Of New Customers

Decreases Excess Inventories

Halves Glut Purchases

Frees Buying Group Membership

Overhauls Instant Sale Capabilities

Reduces Wholesale Purchases

Discounts Wholesale Shipping

Eradicates Minimum Order Requirements

Options Co-op Direct Mail Participation

Yields First Access to Most Closeouts When Joining Our Co-op Direct Mailings

Unites Your Businesses With Other Local Stores, Shops & Companies To Share Press, Profits, Prestige & Pride

Embed Local's Selling Group

Manufacturers, Distributors & Other Wholesalers.

Selling Group members can participate in co-op circular advertising to highlight their placed products.

Selling Group members can participate in co-op direct mail with local businesses highlighting your product.

Selling Group members inserts can be distributed by our drop shippers & our mail order shipments.

Selling Group members can test out new or potential products to the trade & the consumer.

Selling Group members can be part of multiple in-store events promoted by newspaper circulars & direct mail.

Selling Group members can purchase or trade product for grading data from Embed Local.

Related consumer testimonials & social media blasts about their consumer tested products are also available.

Embed Local's selling group members can tip hosts in free or discounted products after successful attractions.

Embed Local's Selling Group wholesalers can also gift content providers free or discounted products for coverage.

Embed Local's Selling Group wholesalers get exposed to thousands of monetized & motivated content providers.

Embed Local's Selling Group wholesalers can split profits & revenue share from consumers they sign up as members.

Participating wholesalers can gain new retailer accounts as Embed Local helps rep your products & company.

Embed Local's Repping Compensation:

Reps New Trade Business Clientele

Strengthens New Product Launches

Helps Marketing & Sales By Providing In-Store Events

Swaps Some Data For Supplied Testing Product For Hosts

Trades Even More Data For Supplied Testing Product For Consumers

Discounts Data When Paid Upfront Or By Subscription

Includes Your Inserts In Our Mail Ordered Scented Samplers & Drop Shipments

Herds Press Coverage From Different Categories Of Content Providers

Opens Multi Layered Advertising Opportunities

Enables Co-op Circular Advertising

Permits The Opportunity To Brand Local Direct Mailings

Liquidates Excess Inventories

Sets Up A Direct To Consumer Link

Organizes Consumer & Trade Product Testers

Rewards Consumer Testimonials Of Your Products

Double Rewards Consumer Social Media Of Your Products

Puts Your Advertising Right Into The Stores That Are Promoting Your Products

Allows New Revenue To Be Generated By Enlisting New Customers For Embed Local

Splits Profits & Share Revenue For All Registered Customers Sales, Even Beyond Your Own Products

Overt's Attention Of Testing Data From Distributors, Vending Companies & Bigger Brands

Boosts Interaction With Consumers, Retailers, Restaurants, Caterers, Event Planners,

Hotels, Offices, Vending Companies, Content Providers, Bloggers & Press

Embed Local's Content Group

Bloggers, Press & Other Content Providers

Splits profits from all drop shipped products sold to their registered reader customers.

Revenue shares from all shipped scented samplers & sets sold to their registered reader customers.

Member content providers, bloggers & press qualify for most available wholesale purchases.

Content providers that cover Embed Local get a 10% discount when shopping retail online.

Embed Local's Selling Group manufacturers may gift or discount their products for coverage from content providers.

Embed Local's content members may be included in direct mail & circulars promoting local attractions.

EMBED LOCAL'S Content Compensation:

Splits Profits From Registered Customers Buying Drop Shipped Goods

Revenue Shares On Shipped Scented Samplers & Custom Sets Bought By Registered Customers

Monetizes Your Content Using Quarterly Tipping From Customers With Reward Points

May Be Included In Circular Advertisements

Increases The Manufacturers You Work With By 4,000, Without Warehousing, Stocking, Shipping Or Returns

Exposes New Products That Were Highlighted At Recent Trade Conventions

Strengthens Your Content By Expanding Your Readership

Softens Researching The Best Products For Your Readers

Allows For The Possible Inclusion In Direct Mail & Coupon Circular

Opens Free Content Group Membership

Brings Future Dividends For Subscriptions

Overhauls Instant Sale Capabilities

Discounts Shipping - Customer Service Will Reward All Content Providers

Reduces Wholesale Purchases, With Access To Co-op Buying

Discounts Wholesale Shipping

Swaps Some Data For Advertising

Unleashes Multi Layered Advertising & Marketing Opportunities

Gives Access To Be One Of Our Judges & Be Promoted At Localized Showcases

Member Content Providers Receive a Discount When Shopping From Most Drop Shippers

Open Free Buying Group Membership

Boosts Interaction With Consumers, Retailers, Restaurants, Caterers, Event Planners,

Hotels, Offices, Vending Companies, Content Providers, Bloggers & Press

Embed Local's Patrons

Customers Of Any Group Member

Consumer Sales From Soap Festival, Themed Socks, Picture Book Rails, DirectVendors, Clothing Machine & Custom Sets Earn a 10% Reward Point Rebate.

Consumers are tipped in reward points for 10% of any added on or embedded picked up or embedded delivered order.

Consumers can earn real commissions as well as reward points for writing testimonials after trying products.

Reward points are doubled for posting testimonials after attending showcases, buying books, soaps , socks.

Besides earning discounting shipping, consumers reuse reward points for quarterly tipping, collectibles & closeouts.

As consumers track their shipping status they get exposed to special deals, prizes & offers to keep them buying.

Consumer drop shipped, picked up or delivered sales revenues, are shared with their Embed Local host members.

Starting in 2018, a percentage of consumer Embed Local accounts will be used for free quarterly tipping.

To start our free quarterly tipping, consumers log in their favorite content provider, cause or charity for us to tip.

Embed Local's Rebated Compensation:

Gives Sole Access To Collectible Rewards & Drop Shipped Closeouts.

Earns reward points by Testing, Comparing, Rating, Reviewing, Posting, Shopping, Adding On & Embedding.

Slashes Shipping Costs Using 10% of Purchase Cost To Discount Its Transportation To You.

Opens Access To Certain closeouts Used As Rewards.

Allows Reward Points To Be Used For Glut Discounts & Purchases (Starts In 2018).

Generates Quarterly Tipping Allowances Based on Reward Point Holdings (starts in 2018).

Creates Commissions From Embedding Popular Products & Selling Testimonials To Manufacturers.

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