Funding Businesses with Community Programs Helps Rentention & Will Encourage New Businesses to Move Here.


New Revenue

Business Hosts

Embed Local Provides Events, Products & Services To Put Customers Into The Doors Of Local Businesses.

Our picture book paths lures families into businesses & are rotated to keep regular customers kids engaged.

Our sites picture the current socks hand picked & sold by local businesses whose addresses are also listed.

Each scarf & cover up is a different sample, keeping customers browsing in all our participating businesses.

All our vintage Hawaiian apparel are also one of a kinds that help identify & mark our picture book paths.

Our small scented soap samplers from different manufacturers make businesses smell completely different.

Bright scarves, Hawaiian shirts & scented soaps attract customers to our product displays of samplers & sets.

Drop ship customers are rewarded with 2% coupons to physically put them into the store that sponsors them.

Our services find businesses to hold, deliver & embed customers favorited products.

Closeout circular coupons put customers into the host businesses that are part of our co-op direct mail campaigns.

Our 1st closeout coupons in our upcoming drop ship circulars allows customers to buy scarves for $5 each.

Data from the local testing of new products opens themed news content that businesses can share with customers.

Businesses highlighting our sets, socks, kids books, scarves, soaps or Hawaiian shirts revenue share related sales.

All businesses split the profits from their registered customers buying drop shipped goods from our 5000 vendors.

Businesses are welcome to join our free no fee buying group, & split the profits from any purchased new product.

Businesses currently part of our direct mail program, will split the profits from extra provided scarves/cover ups.

Businesses revenue share the sales of customized sets, starting with socks, soaps & picture books.

Businesses revenue share by cross selling or embedding for customer in-store pick ups or deliveries.

Businesses revenue share from selling scented soap samplers & earn future dividends from subscriptions.

Businesses always keep 100% of sales from products already in the store, that were not supplied by Embed Local.


Reward points are earned by testing, comparing, rating, reviewing, posting, shopping, adding on & embedding.

Compare socks browsing locally, some businesses sell sets of similar themed socks from different manufacturers.

After testing & comparing earn reward points by grading, rating, ranking or reviewing to create testimonials.

Consumer Tastecoin rewards are doubled for each different product testimonial that gets posted on social media.

Consumer testimonials from testing, comparing, rating or reviewing can lead to manufacturercommissions.

Local customers earn 2% incentive credits to discount in-store shopping from their dropped shipped purchases.

Consumers earn discounts for their embedded items placed in local stores, when items prove to be great sellers.

Circular & direct mail coupons allow customers to buy $7.77 scarves & cover ups & $7.77 vintage Hawaiian shirts .

The greatest picture books ever written will help kids absorb good morals, virtues & traits at local businesses.

Causes, Purposes or Charities

Revenue from products sold to consumers are shared with businesses, wholesalers, charities & designated causes.

A percentage of the hosts revenue sharing can be assigned to a rotating cycle of local causes, purposes or charities.

Charts on Embed Local will highlight the totals, goals & each of the hosts split percentages for each local cause.


Manufacturers or distributors that create registered Embed Local customers, can split profits & revenue share.

Beyond their own products, wholesalers would profit from their registered customers other Embed Local purchases.

Create customers using online signs, mailers or texted, phoned or emailed customer service recommendations.

Revenue is shared when the customers you point to us, tell our customer service that you are their hosted member.

Wholesalers revenue share on all orders from their registered customers & may receive extra business from us.

All Embed Local patrons must be sponsored by a participating businesses member, but can change hosts.

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