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An Ambush of Tigers: A Wild Gathering of Collective Nouns

by Betsy R. Rosenthal.Illus. by Jago - 2015


Two shape-shifting tigers end up at a Texas sanctuary and try to learn to get along & be human.


by Paul Fleischman - 1999

Candlewick Press

A summer vacation garden project provides food, clothing, shelter, and even recreation for the neighborhood.


Fox's Garden

by Princesse Camcam. (written & illustrated) - 2014

Enchanted Lion Books

A boy brings a basket of food to a hungry fox who repays him with flowers.


Smoky Night

by Eve Bunting - 1994

HMH Books

Outside a boys window he sees a violent world of racial tensions & riots, his cat is missing and his apartment is on fire.


The Little Brute Family

by Russell Hoban, ill. Lilian Hoban - 1966

Farrar, Straus and Giroux

A grumpy family one day starts to smile, and finds that life is nicer when we treat each other with kindness.


An Awesome Book!

by Dallas Clayton - 2012


An Awesome Book of Thanks by Dallas Clayton How to express thanks feel thankful looking at the world around you


by Pat Mora.Illus. by John Parra - 2005

Lee & Low

A bilingual story of a boy who says thanks to things that make him happy.

Mr. Wuffles!

by David Wiesner, (written & illustrated) - 2013

Clarion Books

An mini alien spaceship hides from an Earth kitty and communicates with ants and a ladybird for help to escape.


by MartyCrisp - 2008

Sleeping Bear Press

A true story of a cabin boy whose life was saved by the ships lucky cat, the ship was the Titanic.


How to Heal a Broken Wing

by Bob Graham, (written & illustrated) - 2008


In a uncaring city, a hurt bird is rescued & nursed by a compassionate boy.

Love You Forever

by Robert Munsch and Illustrated by Sheila McGraw - 2014

Firefly Books

Parental love brings a boy through childhood to grow his manhood

The Wonderful Fluffy Little Squishy

by Beatrice Alemagna. (written & illustrated). Tr. by Claudia Zoe Bedrick - 2015

Enchanted Lion Books

A girls imagination and determination goes wild looking for a fluffy little squishy present for moms birthday.



by Laura Vaccaro Seeger, (written & Illustrated) - 2013

Roaring Brook/Neal Porter

A bully bull shows thoughtfulness after apologizing to animals he insulted.

Gingerbread for Liberty: How a German Baker Helped Win the American Revolution

by Mara Rockliff.Illus. by Vincent X. Kirsch - 2015

HMH Books

A baker finds patriotism through his feeding of George Washington's troops.



A Chair For My Mother

by Vera B. Williams - 1982


Mamas new chair can finally be afforded.

One Potato, Two Potato

by Cynthia Defelice - 2006

Farrar, Straus and Giroux

A magic pot doubles anything that goes in, potatoes, coins & even lonely people who thrive company.

Where Once There Was a Wood

by Denise Fleming - 1996

Square FishHenry Holt

A poetry based portrait of our disappearing natural environment & how animal habitats and ecosystems adapt.

Yucky Worms

by Vivian French. Illus. by Jessica Ahlberg - 2010

Candlewick Press

Outside her garden, Grandama explains how worms slither through the dirt with five pairs of hearts.


Clifford, the Big Red Dog

by Norman Bridwell - 1963


Emily Elizabeth discovers the ups (mostly) and downs of caring for her big red dog.

Love Waves

by Rosemary Wells - 2011

Candlewick Press

A solution to separation anxiety, parents can sent love waves to their kids.

My Father’s Arms Are a Boat

by Stein Erik Lunde, Illus. by Øyvind Torseter. Trans. by Kari Dickson - 2008

Enchanted Lion Books

A fox guides a dead mother to her afterlife, as a sleepless boy and his reassuring dad grieves.


by Shutta Crum.Illus. by Carol Thompson - 2009

Clarion Books

A hot summer day brings a thunderstorm to a farm, farmers rescue an upset chicken & find a soaked kitty.


Always Room for One More

by Sorche Nic Leodhas - 1965

Henry Holt

An old Scottish song is turned into this story about a family in a small house sharing everything they got.

Big Wolf and Little Wolf

by Nadine Brun-Cosme.Illus. by Olivier Tallec; Trans. by Claudia Bedrick -2009

Enchanted Lion

Lonelyness is overcome by finding companionship and learning to share.

No Yeti Yet

by Mary Ann Fraser - 2015

Peter Pauper Press

A Yeti hunt by brothers discovers a Yeti tracking them, it ends with all of them sharing hot chocolate together.


New Family

Elizabeti's Doll

by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen, Illustrated by Christy Hale - 1900

Lee & Low Books

A girls imagination creates a baby from a rock, and she mimics her mom with it.

Won-Ton: A Cat Tale Told in Haiku

by Lee Wardlaw - 2011

Holt, Henry

A cat is rescued from a shelter and finds a home after being adopted by a little boy & girl.

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