Funding Businesses with Community Programs Helps Retention & Will Encourage New Businesses to Move Here.


1st Round Sponsorship Availabilities

Scented Soaps

$1000 per 4,000 samples of 3 soap packs (.25 cents) - 40 stores x 100 packs / scent

Each sponsor can provide 4,000 advertising stickers up to 3 inches x 3 inches

Themed Socks

$8 / store x 250 businesses = $2,000 (businesses select socks)

Each sponsor can provide 250 advertising stickers up to 2 inches x 2 inches

Picture Books

$3,000 for out of print & missing titles not provided by publishers

Each sponsor can provide 400 advertising stickers up to 2 inches x 2 inches

We Include Sponsors In Store Posters, Direct Mail, Drop Ship Circulars & On Banners On Our Websites.

Sponsors also qualify for revenue sharing profits when they register consumers to Embed Local.

Sponsors are welcome to take a bigger role in our circular ads & direct mailings.


Manufacturers With New Products Can Publicize themDrop Ship Circulars & Direct Mail.

Books, Soaps, Sock Manufacturers & Our Drop Shippers Can Promote Their Tested Products.

Business Hosts

Businesses That Join Our Direct Mail Co-op Will Receive An Abundance Of Our Loss Leaders To Attract Customers.


Sample Survey Stockpile

Embed Local

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Norman Scherer - Principal

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