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Manufacturers/Distributors That Send Us Samples

or Sell To Us Become Part Of Our Selling Group

Selling Group Members gain:

consumer/trade testing data, coverage from press/bloggers & other content providers, new product showcases, new trade/consumer business clientele, a direct innovative link to consumers, co-op circular access & other multi-layered advertising opportunities, consumer social media testimonials, consumer & trade product testers, attention from distributors, vending companies & major brands & possible inclusion in direct mail if you join timely co-ops.

Manufacturers work with Embed Local to: test new products, compare competition, buy targeted data, trade product for some data, encourage press/blogger coverage, promote to both trade & consumer markets, discount circulars & multi layered advertising, buy consumer testimonials, harness consumer social media blasts, attract new business, sell product, gain new interest from distributors, vending companies & bigger brands & utilize direct mail.

Manufacturers hear about us when their products are used for new product showcases, soap samplers, themed sock sales, or if they are drop shipped. Data includes consumer ratings, testimonials & social media blasts, food judges decrees & initial host tabulations.

No cost to enter our competitions, some data can be shared simply by suppling testing samples for our hosts or consumers. Our press release summations will still be sent to brands that don't supply anything to our testings & programs.

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